The activation of new contracts, especially in the B2C field and in the presence of a large and distributed network of resellers, represents one of the most suitable processes for automation.

Receive data from the points of sale (at best in Excel otherwise scanned or in paper format) access one or more company systems, fill in and verify all information, upload documents, archive, download contracts and send confirmations or anomalies.

All manual, repetitive and routine steps, which do not generate value but employee dissatisfaction, have a high probability of error and are difficult to manage during peak demand, entailing risks in the compliance area.

In the telco sector it has been implemented RPA projects to automate the process of activating new contracts, capable of:

  • Increase the number of activations managed weekly by up to 6 times
  • Guarantee 7 × 24 operation
  • Improve revenues thanks to the greater number of contracts managed and the faster activation speed
  • Eliminate the likelihood of manual error by improving the quality of processes
  • Ensure compliance with internal regulations and compliance

The infographic illustrates the automated process, also indicating the results in terms of weekly activations managed by the robot.