In recent months, taking advantage of the forced break, we have asked ourselves the following question:

How to make the most of this opportunity for change?

For some time we have thought that our offer did not adequately reflect our approach and the projects we face every day.

Too often taken up by the urgencies of the moment, by deadlines to be met, by other priorities (and let’s admit it every now and then also out of laziness …) we didn’t take the time to communicate all the news developed for our customers and above all to illustrate the methodology with which we approach every new Digital transformation and Business Process Automation project.

It is not enough to digitize processes, we need to rethink them digitally.

Often during a digital transformation process, the emphasis is placed on the choice and implementation of new technologies, thinking that they alone may be sufficient to digitize the company

Instead, the keystone consists in starting not from technology itself, but from processes that must be rethought according to the advantages that digital can bring.

Think digital: this is StartaApp’s goal

The new offer starts from the experience gained by StartApp in the management and dematerialization of processes, expanding it with proprietary solutions and services to help companies think digitally, including: